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Microsoft Excel Solutions and Web Design, Affordable to All.

Web Design

Sometimes the simple things are the best and we at InfinitudeXcel will discuss what is best for the task in hand. You dictate the pace and we will walk you through it. Regardless if the project is large or small our experts will always give the the same level of service.

Excel is a very powerful program and automating tasks using some code can simplify them. We can build to your specification an Excel file that will allow a greater deal of interaction. Building tailored files is our specialty; we take pride in our work so that you the customer reap the benefits of our endeavours.

We don’t disappear when the task is finished, you can contact us for help and we always respond. We use TeamViewer as our choice of remote desktop help. We would also advise you to look at our Blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel where new helpful content is added every month.

Welcome to InfinitudeXcel, Our Business is to help your Business, whether you are a sole trader, a small or multinational company.

We believe in making Microsoft Excel a more productive tool for your requirements, thus freeing time gained to concentrate more on the fundamental aspects of your profession and not being tied down to administrating Spreadsheets. Think of us as the service you need only when you need it, and not tied down with over burdening administrative costs. Being Proactive as opposed to Reactive is the goal to customers.

InfinitudeXcel developed an excel system that suits the business needs, including intuitive Video Tutorials. It is exceptionally user friendly and easy to use, with good security features, would highly recommend them.Tracy, Manager, Sussex Lodge.