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Microsoft Excel Solutions and Web Design, Affordable to All.

Web Design

We are a small friendly team of Excel experts with over twenty-five years’ experience covering individuals to corporations. During that time we have developed systems for industries as diverse as Inventory and Logistics to Hotels, Electronics Distribution and Recruitment Services. Our roots are based on the old (but we loved it at the time) Lotus Symphony for DOS and then through the variants of Microsoft Excel of which we are now working with the 2013 version, although we build 2003, 2007 and 2010 to our customers’ requirements. We do not differentiate in how we see our customers, if you have a file with 10 to 100 lines of data or something more heavy weight going into the 100,000’s our approach is the same. Pulling mass data through SQL and Access is something we are happy to do; a recent project for a client had 4.1 Million lines in an Access Database, we like data and data seems to like us.

We are a UK company based in the Thames Valley as well as our UK based clients we also have clients in Russia, Germany and Spain.

Affordable to all, that’s a big statement, we looked around at other consultants and what they offer. A lot is very impressive with some excellent options but their pricing structure seemed to have forgotten the little guy. In checking through the competition we have seen values from £50 to £290 per hour. Understandable in the world of high finance, outrageous in these days of austerity when small businesses need every penny to count. Before we even start a project we will give you a price guide that is not only reasonable but built with your budget and business in mind.

Affordable to All...

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